Super Giant - Frog in fries

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Frog in giant brand fries in super giant in Rockville md.Came home after shopping to feed the kids and had a small surprise in the fries.

My wife freaked out. Was on the way to work when I just left the house and she called with the suprise. The surprise was a small frog in the bag of fries that were being fried to feed my kids who were in the mood for fries. Now after this incident they said they are never going to eat fries again.

I love giant but after this incident I don't know if I can trust going there anymore.Alam Baig family, rockville, md

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1st dont be feeding yr kids

cheap greasy fried ***!

2nd, why dint yr wife save

the littel frog for yr fatty

kids to hav a pet?


your kids not wanting fries is probably a good thing in the long run.

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